Structure of RADIEX2017 / Targeted Exhibitors

RADIEX2017 Environmental Radioactivity Measures & Radioactive waste Disposal International Exhibition Exhibitor Radioactivity Measures Zone Radioactive-contaminated Waste Disposal Zone Nuclear Decommissioning Technology Zone General Zone Public Zone new Human Resouce Development Corner Exhibitor's Presentation RADIEX2017 Sympsium Visitors National & Local Governments Related Businesses Educational & Research Institutions Radioactive substance measurement device / Soil analyzer / Dosimeter & dose monitor / Area monitor / Radiation monitoring system / Dose display system / Survey meter / Personal exposure dosimeter / Fluorescent glass dosimeter / OSL dosimeter / Underwater radiation measurement device / Radiation measurement & analysis service ,etc. Decontamination agent such as Cesium absorbent / Radioactive substance filter / Contaminated soil decontamination technology / Volume reduction of radioactive-contaminated soil / Cesium separation & removal technology / High-pressure washing machine &device / Road decontamination system / Dustless decontamination system / Blasting decontamination device / Phytoremediation technology / Electrolytic polishing decontamination technology / Ultrasonic decontamination technology / Various shielding products and technologies / Protective clothing & mask for radioactivity / Cesium absorbent textile / Decontamination technology for farmland,green space and forest / Decontamination technology for lumber / Purification technology for seawater, river and lakes  ,etc. Contaminated water treatment technology & device / Technology & device related to decommissioning / Robotics, etc. Recycling technology for low-level contaminated waste / Temporary storage container for contaminated waste / Covering material / Flexible container bag / Capping & isolation technology by bentonite clay layer / Consolidation process technology / Radiation insulation & waterproof sheet / Contaminated water treatment technology / Incineration technology / Solidification & volume reduction technology for incineration ash / Transportation management system & technology / Intermediate storage facility / Final disposal plant / Construction safety management technology, etc. Decontamination and dismantling technologies / Welding and dissecting technologies / Dustless decontamination systems / Radioactive waste disposal technologies / Radioactive waste storage containers / High concentration contaminated water disposal devices & technologies / Remote-controlled vehicles & arms for dismantling / Remote-controlled robots / Remote-controlled measuring instruments / Remote control status monitoring systems, etc. Zone for exhibitors having exhibition contents covering more than one from the three zones( For supporting, special cooperation, or cooperative organizations. Books & Publishing businesses.
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