Environmental Radioactivity Measures & Radioactive waste Disposal International Exhibition


Environmental Radioactivity Measures towards Full-Scale Interim Storage and Decommissioning

DATE October 19th (Wed.) - 21th (Fri.), 2016 10:00-17:00

Venue Science Museum

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We published RADIEX2016 Result Report.   PDF (PDF: 14MB)
2016.12.26 Information on the next exhibition
RADEIX 2017 will be held simultaneously with the "Hazardous Waste Control Technology Exhibiton" at the Science Museum until Friday the 20th from Wednesday October 18, 2017.
2016.10.21 Number of Visitors list was uploaded.
2016.10.21 RADIEX2016 was ended with the success.
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2016.10.14 Advance Registration has ended.
Exhibition hall in the day of registration are available at free admission.
Advance-registered visitors are prioritized to enter into the venue of the programmes occupied already by advance registration. Please be reminded that those of onsite registration can only enter after respective programmes started, and its seat availability cannot be guaranteed.
2016.10.6 Exhibitor's Presentation list was uploaded.
2016.9.6 RADIEX Symposium program was uploaded.
2016.8.3 The exhibitor list was uploaded.
2016.2.9 The Web Site of a "RADIEX2016 ( Environmental Radioactivity Measures & Radioactive waste Disposal International Exhibition )" was renewed.
2016.2.9 The next "RADIEX2016" will be held at the Science Museum Exhibition Hall until Friday the 21th from Wednesday October 19.
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